Summer Camp in the Czech Republic / Летен лагер в Чехия

Travelling alone in foreign countries was new to me , so It was a really exciting experience.

When finally we arrived in Nachod, I knew that the following week will be fascinating, with lots of new memories and experiences .I met around 25 people from 4 different nationalities including Czech , Slovak ,Hungarian and Austrian. We exchanged contacts  the first night and  the second we got familiar with each other and started talking as if we  have known ourselves for a long time. We discussed lots of topics so I found out that about some points we are very well-informed  and about others- not that much. It is extremely interesting to see  that some people like the same things as you do or have the same lifestyle as yours, but of course there are still a lot of differences . It was funny to communicate with foreign people using English because nearly everyone knows it . In fact if English wasn’t so popular, we had to study so many languages to be able to speak with people from different countries and this would limit us from freely communicating .The time of one week felt like few days;  time was flying  so fast that everyday till the end of the camp I was more and more amazed by how fast it goes and there come the last day … you have to go home! This was the worst moment of the camp and I hate it the most.

Pics here

If it is up to me, I would visit Nachod again.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Stoyan Nikolov