Teaching Tolerance Seminar am Samstag den 22.11.2014 im Goethe Gymnasium Burgas

On Saturday the 22nd of November 2014 a seminar titled “Teaching Tolerance” of  association MacKenzie and supported by

BAS and the American Embassy, Sofia was held in the Goethe Highschool of Burgas (ГПНЕ “Гьоте” Бургас).DSC06801

Through a variety of games and discussions, the group became more conscious about their stereotypes and prejudices towards other nations and minorities in Bulgaria.Furthermore, students explored solutions how to react towards these issues. Nevertheless, not only tolerance on other ethnicities and cultures was part of the seminar, but also being tolerant towards the classmates was included in form of a game in the program. To sum up the seminar, the students had to reflect how tolerant or intolerant Bulgarians are. Subsequently the results were opposed and discussed. These two hours brought a lot of emotions and thoughts and students were rewarded with a nice certificate which proves the successful participation in the seminar.

Pictures here