Нов доброволец в Макензи

Вече половин месец, Хана работи с нас и се радва на топъл прием и множество задачи 🙂 Picture_Hannah_Introduction

Ето и нейните мисли:

“Before I came to Bulgaria, I knew almost nothing about this country.  I could say “Dober den” and I knew where Bulgaria was located on the map, but that was about it. With a suitcase full of uncertain expectations and hopes I arrived in Burgas two weeks ago. Since then, I made so many new friends, tried some Bulgarian food, saw the sea and got to know this cordial, yet so different culture.

My name is Hannah, I am 18 years old and I come from Austria. I am a volunteer at MacKenzie in Burgas for 7 months. I just finished school and wanted to take a gap year to travel, meet some new people and learn how to stand on my own feet. This is why I decided to do the European volunteer service. I think it is a perfect opportunity to learn to live on your own and take responsibility for your actions.
Why Bulgaria? The project MacKenzie offers interesting tasks and as I said, I knew nothing about this country and wanted to get to know a totally different culture. Furthermore, the sea is a big plus, for someone who has lived her whole life surrounded by mountains.

I am so excited for the next  months. I still have a lot to learn but luckily I have time to explore, observe and make experiences for life!”