A Day in the Life of Our Volunteers

As a volunteer working for MacKenzie you get to experience a lot of different activities. Sarafovo_School (2)
Generally, we spend our time working at the Goethe Gymnasium, which is located in Burgas. There we do some office work, like scanning documents, doing summaries or preparing materials for teachers. Furthermore, we take photos at seminars or help with coffee.
But our favorite activity at school is to go into the classes. We play games, discuss relevant issues or just talk with the students. We really enjoy the time spent with the pupils, because they are so friendly, open and interested.

Every Wednesday, we visit the secondary school Hristo Botev in Sarafovo. There, we play games with children aged 10 to 11. Even though the kids cannot speak English, they try to understand and take part in the games. This week, we played a drawing game and the finished drawings were really fun. We laughed a lot with the kids and look forward to see them again!

The office of MacKenzie is located in Sarafovo as well. We go there once a week to prepare games, write articles and edit pictures from our experiences. We are also able to do some of the tasks at home, like editing the schools website or prepare material for the games.

The activities at MacKenzie are versatile and every day is different. As a consequence, we enjoy our work in Burgas and Sarafovo a lot and we are excited about new activities and tasks in the future.