A New Volunteer to Help Change Our Perspective

We are glad to have welcomed to our team Rory Mack for a 10-month EVS financed by the Erasmus +.
   A tiny bit from him: 
“My name is Rory, and I come from Edinburgh in Scotland. I arrived here in Burgas a few weeks ago to start my ten month placement at Mackenzie. Moving to a new country that I admittedly had a limited knowledge of brought mixed feelings of excitement, curiosity and trepidation, but any slight anxieties have been put at ease thanks to the warm welcome I’ve received here.
Around a year ago, aged 26, I decided to completely change my path and study for a Masters in Policy and Governance. As I was finishing the course I was made aware of the EVS programme, and was attracted to the idea of gaining some voluntary experience before I attempted to forge a new career path. I read about the position at Mackenzie and found it particularly appealing, due to the interesting nature of the work and the opportunity it provided to make a positive impact on a society. The cherry on top was the chance that working at Mackenzie gave me to travel. I have previously lived in New Zealand for a year, and although New Zealand is considerably further away from my home than Bulgaria, in many ways Bulgaria felt more challenging. New Zealand is quite similar to Scotland/the UK in many regards, whereas learning the Bulgarian language and culture (as well as learning to deal with the hot weather!) provides more obstacles. However, I believe that the opportunities which are the most challenging are often the most rewarding, and I’m glad I chose to come here.
I’m excited to see what the coming months in Bulgaria brings, and I feel confident that I’ll come home in May having had an interesting, rewarding experience.”