Our new energy

Hello everybody, I’m Lou, I’m a French girl who is in Burgas since the end of September until the End of March. I love  to smile, try to put in place actions to make the world  around me better and try new things every day. After my license of coordination and animation of projects in the IUT of Belfort (in the East of France) I wanted have professional and personal experience abroad. Also, it was the occasion to think about my future job, my future life, to improve my skills in preparation of animations, inanimations, my attitude in front of a public… Being for a long time (or a short time) in another country is one of my dreams for many years; I think it’s good to be open to other mentalities, others cultures, others practices than mine and it’s important to grow up and to go beyond. These are all the reasons why I decided to make a European Voluntary Service of 6 months in Bulgaria.

Petya is the beautiful name of my tutor in this European Voluntary Service; she is a super tutor full of sincerity, of love and who shows us her beautiful sensibility. I love it, I think it’s important to be true cause it’s like that that we can enter in the most beautiful connection with others. She gives me a very big chance to learn and to improve myself. I have opportunities to make activities to teach the French culture to students, to make activities on the topics of tolerance, solidarity, I make administrative task too to help Petya.  I learn a lot about me and the others. It’s wonderful to talk with Petya, with the teachers, with the students, with the Bulgarian people. I see a different school pedagogy which is applied here (in the school where I work but I don’t know if it’s valid for others school in Burgas and in Bulgaria) ; I think it’s good to be inspired by it and lots of others pedagogies to improve the school pedagogy in France. I think it’s valid for others countries, too.

Here, I can also discover the beautiful culture of Bulgaria; the meals, the ways of doing/ to talk, I can see the beautiful black sea, the beautiful landscapes. Also, I learn Bulgarian with a teacher of the school, I think it’s very important for Bulgarians and for communicate with locals populations. It’s very fun mostly when I try to pronounce, we laugh a lot with Slava my teacher when I pronounce with my French accent.

I love Burgas; it’s a beautiful city in which there are always people and life, people are nice !

With pleasure to write this,

Lou 🙂