About us



Association “MacKenzie” is a non profit organization with its seat in Burgas, Bulgaria and it unites the efforts of educators and volunteers from all the country in their desire to work locally but affect globally. We believe the knowledge about the people around us and the understanding about them help the creation of a more positive world!That’s why we are ready to support and put into action each initiative that leads to personal development or provokes active participation in community life.Our responsibility are the people in Bulgaria as we put an accent on youth work because it is them who are deprived of opportunities for development in the transition period when in the new economic reality physical survival is society’s priority.We see our responsibility to society in providing quality activities, stimulating the process of idea experimentation.European intergation is of key importance to us because we believe that it opens the doors of better understanding and acceptance.

Small steps lead to big changes. Let’s walk together!
The philosophy we share is the moral code of the person who has inspired the creation of association “Mackenzie” – William Mckenzie. billy


We Are Proud to Have Been Chosen And Be Functioning as a National Lead Agency For Global Youth Service Day 2010, 2012 and 2014.