Past projects

Projects 2011

  • Renovating a library at GPAE “Geo Milev”, Burgas

A renovation project was carried out in the library of the school in 2011 which included the  renewal of the room  – plastering, constructions to cover the existing pipes and new furniture.  The project itself was  developed and completely fulfilled by the Mackenzie team and was funded by the Bulgarian American Society .1 Pictures here




  • A Critical Thinking Seminar for teachers and students from Burgas and the region 



  • Pictures here     



  • Many youth exchanges – pictures here


  • Teaching Tolerance

The “Teaching Tolerance” project of the Association Mackenziebg took place at the cultural centre in Burgas, “The Casino”. Participants were students aged between 15 – 18 from Burgas. Each week, students participated in activities and discussions concerning the topic of tolerance. Six modules were developed from October 2012 to March 2013 with the most liked –  “My Culture and I”, “Stereotypes and Prejudices” and “Group Dynamics”. During these modules the students trained and acquired various skills such as active listening and communication, critical thinking, discussion and expression of different opinions, consensus building, cooperating in group work and problem solving – one groups  using the English language.   The students were very motivated and had the opportunity to participate actively. They participated in the German-Bulgarian portrait exchange, interviewed citizens of Burgas on the topic of county stereotypes, drew pictures of common stereotypes and finally created role play cards that can be used for educational purposes.They also started facilitating discussions on the topic with their own classmates in their own schools.

Pictures here


This Training Course trained and exchanged methods of non-formal education with a focus on health promotion and prevention

 We promoted a positive approach of tackling health, looking at the resources young people need for their healthy development.

 The philosophy was to “do” health, which means to live accordingly and to experience it also during the training.

 The course was run by experts from the field with active involvement of the participants’ expertise.

You can view a detailed report here and some pictures here .


Training course Aiming at:

  • Improving the impact of Non formal Education principles and methods in empowering young people as real actors of society:
  • To feel and reflect about the power of Non formal education by experimenting different non formal methods;
  • To fight against the consuming approaches toward youngsters;
  • To explore meanings, roles and complementary of different educational approach and methods;
  • To understand how Non Formal Education can be used to promote cultural diversity and intercultural learning;

26 participants from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Turkey. Trainers: Jo Claeys, Simona Molari, Denis Morel Pictures, giving an idea of the great fun and creative work done there, you can view  here 

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