Междукултурна вечер в ГПАЕ “Гео Милев”, Бургас




Cooperation was the basis of many essential achivements in the history of humanity.cultural evening This is the very skill that we aim to help young people of Bulgaria develop. It is one such a cooperation among the club “The Vectors”, GPAE”Geo Milev”, Burgas and association Mackenzie that gave way to the wonderful project for intercultural evening dedicated tohe cultures of Armenia and Italy. “Presenting the information from the first person made us feel even closer to the two countries. The visitors, among whom Elizabeth Barzeghyan, had a chance to see two traditional dances – Armenian and Italian, which we , from “The Vectors”,  have learned with enthusiasm. After the intellectual enrichment, everybody was eager to try the traditional food, prepared by all of us –like pizza, Armenian bread and others. It was a wonderful evening, full of positive energy and smiles.” video here                                             Darina Popova, PR club”The Vectors”