In the Spotlight

My name is Quentin. My name is an icebreaker in Bulgaria, because every time that I meet someone new, we have to explain the pronunciation of both our names and it’s always a funny moment. I come from France, where I’d lived for the last five years in Paris. Here in Burgas, I feel like I’m in my native town of Nantes: close to the sea, quiet, not too big but with some nice places to go out, and…Palachinka (crepes in France).

I arrived here in Burgas a few months ago to start my 8 month placement at Mackenzie. I was very well received and I’m very thankful for it! However, I didn’t know the way of living nor of working in Bulgaria. Coming to Bulgaria gave me the opportunity to discover another culture, another lifestyle and new people. After 3 months, I still have so much more to discover, which I’m very happy about!

I decided to integrate in the EVS program and particularly, the project of Mackenzie because, after receiving a Masters Degree in public law and some years of work experience in the French ministry, I wanted a new experience and to contribute to the European Union. The Mackenzie project on tolerance was really attractive, and I feel very lucky to participate.

Despite having some travelling experience before arriving, this is my first lengthy spell abroad. Being a volunteer is a really big challenge, and I hope I can make a success of it. Although I sometimes teach, I feel like I am also learning so much myself. This positive start to my experience has made me more and more curious about Bulgaria, and I think that I will have many more pleasant surprises between now and May.